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Moneyshift. How To Prosper From What You Can't Control

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The financial world is changing; this book shows you how to update your ideas about investing and keep pace Investing successfully means figuring out where economic value is being created, and then identifying the investment opportunities that result

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  • Describing the transformation in global economic momentum and explaining why and where the centers of growth have moved, the book explores the new opportunity this change represents and sets realistic expectations for creating wealth through investment

    In addition to explaining the epic shifts in global economic momentum that have created a new financial reality for investors in recent years, the book offers readers a guide through new investment opportunities available in both emerging and developed markets

    MoneyShift How to Prosper From What You Can't Control helps readers do just that

    Presents a new kind of investment strategy, including investing in your own human capital, while not neglecting advice on how to identify, assess, and manage risk Provides navigational tools for financial planning and for making money in a new environment we cannot simply wish or vote away Explains how domestic economic problems, the damage done to the financial system, government debt crises around the world, and even changing birth rates and aging populations have wrought a fundamental transformation in how wealth is and is not now created, and that these changes, while challenging, present great investment opportunities for those prepared

    This book also points out the potential risks and then puts opportunities and risks together in outlining a sensible approach all readers can follow to develop their own investment strategy

    This book shows you how.

    To put it simply, there is money to be made in what you can't change about the world's economy

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